Where to make extra money in February: current poker stocks and tournaments

This Saturday, February 1, a new action will begin in the famous Ukrainian poker Rum "Crazy Reykbeck" For cache players. During the month, all who fulfill the terms of the Promotion will additionally receive 10% Reykbeck according to the limits on which they play.

Also in the poker-Rum will continue the popular action "Easy money", in which players of the lowest limits are involved. It will happen under new rules. For every 100 rail handling on the limit 0.01/0.02 UAH Players will instantly get to their account 2 hryvnias. And those who accumulate 1,000 distribution (not necessarily rail) will receive a ticket to a daily freerol with a guarantee of 1,000 hryvnias.

Will not carry the rotation and shares "Tournair-2020" with daily prizes of 20 020 UAH and "Regular diary", in which 100,000 hryvnias are played weekly. Stock Details Read on the official site PokerMatch.

Saturday Main tournament. Photo: PokerMatch

Already on Saturday night, February 1, all tournament players are waiting for the main tournament of the week – Saturday Main with a guaranteed prize fund of 300,000 UAH. And on Sunday evening, the best knockout masters are waiting for the Sunday Pko Champions tournament with a guarantee of 150,000 hryvnia.

So all players will have a wonderful chance to win steep prize and cheer up on weekends.

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