Main Event WSop Champion Espen Yorsstad told how much money he really got

An example of the newly made World Champion Esphena Jarsstad proves that perseverance in king can pay off. On the way to victory in the main event, the Norwegian faced psychological and financial difficulties, but boldly continued to go to his dream – to win Main Event WSOP.

In Twitter Espen Yorsstad painted his expenses during the WSOP and they showed a mixed picture. To the main event where Yorsstad received $ 10,000,000 for victory, his net profit in the series was $ 29,690. If it was not for the bracelet in the team tournament with Patrick Leonard and $ 74,000 prize, Espen would play at all "In minus".

As for Victory in Main Event Wsop, Espen Jorstad, he was lucky that he is a UK resident, so he was not taxed at $ 10,000,000. However, the Norwegian confessed that he had changed with 14 players (in the range from 1% to 7.5%).

Thus, for winning the main event, Yorsstad received only 56% of the total prize ($ 5,600,000). It turns out that Espen enriched one of the lucky ones who changed with him at 7.5%, by $ 750,000.