As the sunglasses quarreled the poker stars

Poker is a sport that also uses ammunition. Most often at the table can see players with sunglasses. But there are other accessories that help elite athletes create their own image.

Of course, the main goal of sunscreen black glasses while playing poker is to mask emotions. They say that eyes don’t lie. Therefore, if they are hidden, it is more likely to be successful to bluff or vice versa, not to give your own joy when I got a strong hand.

Oddly sounds, but ordinary dark glasses broke the poker community into two camps. Some are annoying the use of this accessory at the table, others – do not see anything criminal.

Daniel Negrean. Photo: GamblingNews

Not the main star of the game Daniel Negrean is in a tough opposition to pokerists who hide behind glasses. The Canadian does not openly choose the statements:

Each producer is obliged to ban the wearing of sunglasses on any television tournament. They harm the game. Poker would not show on television if every player wore a hooded fable and hid his eyes behind sunshine. Well when it is forbidden. And pouring can no longer hide behind glasses as if frightened chickens.

Negrean was supported by another star poker Phil Ivei. True, and a camp of top professional who do not consider dark glasses evil for poker, also numerical. This is, in particular, Phil Helmut, Chris Ferguson and Mike Matusov.

Daniel Negrean gets more and more associates in his war against sunscreen ammunition. Now in the poker is a clear tendency to open face. Glasses and hoods players leave in the past.

Doyle Branson. Photo: PokerCerentral

Note that some famous pokerists managed to create a whole image thanks to their clothes. Say the legendary Doyle Branson all associate with his cowboy white hat. And Phil Helmut generally created his own clothing brand.