Fantastic distributions that have entered the history of the World Cup: Video

Poker is first and foremost a game of skill and knowledge that it is impossible to disagree. However and without a banal luck at an oval table is difficult to succeed. With Power in her majesty Fortuna her accounts, even in the main event WSOP sometimes performs frantic tricks.

The heroes and anti -heroes of our selection of their participation in the unofficial world championship with poker will be remembered for life. It’s not just about a solid bay-in $ 10,000 and space prize at stake. They became participants of incredible coolers and Bed bits in the most prestigious poker tournament.

Let’s start with the main event of 2015, in which the Lavra Champion and almost $ 7.7 million got Joe McKin. The American played solidly, however, it is worth noting, and it came well. Shortly before the final table, the future triumph was sent home by Justin Schwartz by brutally moving his set.

Measure the sets on the flop and participants of more than one million dollars. At Main Event 2016, a cruel cooler happened when only three are the chamber of the bracelet in the game.

We will dilute the coolers parade with a dramatic Bed Bit, which brought to the tears of Aphlek’s chieftain’s tears and paved Jonathan Duhamel’s way to title (almost $ 9 million) on WSOP Main Event 2010.

The main event of the 2010 sample was rich in emotion. One of the giving at the final table resembled extreme American slides. Michael Mizraki and Matthew Jarvis, as a flop, changed leadership positions on every street.

Are able to rinse their nerves and poresters who are in the world series of poker every year more and more. Already on the first competitive day the main event of 2017 left the best poter in history. Vanessa Selbst, thanks to Gael Bauman, lost all her chips, catching a set of auz on a flop.

Well for dessert, a bed-bit that is difficult to believe even from a mathematical point of view. In one of 2008’s main event, Justin Phillips and Motyuyuki kept intrigue to the last. And after the shower, the eyewitnesses of the event jaw-quads of auz against royal-flesh.