How to win millions of dollars: Tips from a poker star

Sam Trketc is one of the most successful European players in tournament poker. Behind the British’s shoulders over $ 20 million prize in live tournaments and a few million more online. So, if he suddenly decided to share a few secrets of playing high limits, it is worth listening before that.


Sema’s first advice is quite simple. It is important that all you do before the tournament kept you in tone so you are ready for what awaits you.

Try to learn as much as possible. Eat well: healthy food gives energy and tones thinking. Rest and sleep for 8 hours each day.

Don’t lose shape

Your preparation is not bought up to just immerse yourself in the theory. Sometimes necessary "to feel" cards. It looks like a marathon preparing for a serious marathon starting from small distances. The same thing happens with players in poker.

Watch poker games and practice long before participating in some big tournament. When I play after a long pause, it significantly affects my effectiveness. Thanks to the permanent game in smaller tournaments you can approach in good shape to the main event.

Put on the full

Play against the best in the world is a serious test. Sam Trketc asserts that you have to make a lot of effort to play at the same level as they.

You should be ready to work even more than all others. These guys work a lot, play a lot and discuss the distribution between each other. For a second by taking a foot from a gas pedal, you will already start behind them.

Adjust under opponents

If you rest well then play better. You can make a decision based on what you see. People play differently depending on a pile of little things, such as mood. So I adjust to my opponents. Discard stereotypes and get as much information as possible for every distribution.

Stay balanced

Dispersion is an important factor in king on any limits, however on high ponds it can be very painful. Trilequet assures that you need to be psychologically stable to cope with the dispersion.

I first started playing high limits when I was in Makao. It’s hard not to be emotional when the rates are so big and the banks are just giant. If you are knocked out it has a great effect on mood. If you haven’t played high limits before, then you will probably be very difficult. And if your mood suffers, then the quality of your game will suffer.

Tips when playing with businessmen

The high limits play a stereotype that a rich businessman is a fish that hardly knows what side to keep cards. And many players often suffer from this approach.

People always think that businessmen are much worse in the game than that is really. But, for the most part, they are worthy rivals that are a lot practiced. So professionals often play against businessmen not as good as they could, simply because they are misunderstanding their level. For example, they are afraid of them to bluff, thinking that they will constantly make a count on any rate. In fact, most businessmen play poker quite well.