Fatigue is an expensive pleasure: how to neutralize one of the greatest enemies of a poterist

Poker shop veterans share a lot. Such abuse of your own body can cost not only an empty wallet but also something more valuable.

Under the magic of hypnos

There is no such desperate and nowadays, first of all about cache game, when the process can last a non-stop. Such guys are easy to identify by obvious signs and behavior.

Fatty at a poker table / photo Cardschat.com

A athlete who needs a head with a chair, or even a gambling table to support your head, can become easy prey for rivals. About not the first player’s freshness can also be indicated by frequent blinking and annoyance due to any sounds that are heard. And closed eyes when the player does not participate in the eckhin is an obvious signal to complete the session.

In this condition, it is difficult for a person to control his own body and brain, and therefore adequately evaluate game situations and make plus decisions. However, you can play ahead – save money and not spoil your own reputation.

Fatty at a poker table / Sports photo.ru

Professional Test

If you with an unusual frequency repeat the same non -peculiar mistakes, you should complete the session. Try to remember the course of 2-3 previous distribution and their result. If thoughts to the heap can’t be collected, this is another alarm bell. A symptom of fatigue or even exhaustion may also be distrust of your own starting hand. If you have to check your cards several times for the distribution, perhaps you should not continue.

These rules will not hurt to observe and in the online co-cover. After all, as you know, a person gets tired much faster in front of a computer monitor than for "alive" table, and not just about working conditions. At virtual tables, regulators simultaneously fight at several tables and energy consumption and concentration is excessively higher.