The inventor who survived the Holocaust and changed the course of poker history

Henry leashtein belong to about a hundred patents. One of the inventions of a successful businessman and poterist played a key role in promoting a game. Precisely on the initiative of leshtein "alive" Poker tournaments began to be held under the sight of the chambers built into the tables.

The realization of simple but brilliant ideas helped Henry leshtaine in particular in business. The Polish Jew who survived during the Holocaust and emigrated to the United States launched a toy production factory. His toper Toys Brand was one of the most successful on the market.

Henry leashtein. Photo: Newsweek

Henry leashtein invented a peculiar poker toy in the mid 90’s. The businessman suggested to equip poker tables with glass panels with built -in cameras to know the players’ starting hands. The poker community invention of leashtein, however, was perceived with skepticism and then his idea was not brought to life.

However, after a few years Henry leshtaine reached. Special cameras that were mounted in the sides of the tables still put into operation at the beginning of zero. It was thanks to the invention of leashtein that fans could watch the game fully in the light mode.

Hole Cam. Photo: PokerNews

In particular, in 2003 in the Main Event WSOP, the audience was able to evaluate, making Chris Manimayer won the largest prize in poker history. And then without Henry leashtein, apparently would not be and "Manimiekira effect".

Henry leashtein. Photo:

In 2008, Henry leashtein was entered in "Halls of glory of poker", However, not only because of his invention. American actively and successfully played in poker, even in old age. At 73, Henry leshtein replenished the ranks of the world series of poker, triumphant in the 7-card herd tournament. The favorite game did not give rest to a stubborn grandfather until 2014, when he had already hit 92.