Belarus Nicholas Back triumph on the poker series of EPT in Prague

Main Event of the prestigious series of European poker tour ended in Prague. In the tournament with Bay-in 5 300 euros, 1,54 entrances were made, and the prize fund was over 5.5 million euros.

In the final of the tourna. When there were four players in the game, Visle had the shortest stack but he was able to get out of this difficult situation. Won a few Ol-in and headed a chip caunt. Subsequently Belarus had already held the main prize of the series!

For the victory, the scaffold received just over 1,000,000 euros and became the second one in the history of the player to whom the trophy of the main event EPT was conquered. For the first time he managed to do it seven years ago at the Barcelona Stage.

By the way, in the history of competitions in the European poker round (and the series has been going on for 15 years), only two players have obeyed the championship double. In addition to Valent, British Victoria Koren Mitchel won twice.

It should also be noted that three Ukrainian athletes got into the prize area. Denis Shafikov (22nd place) lasted the longest in the tournament, Gleb Kovtunov finished 58th, and Sergei Leonov took the 103rd position. A total of 167 players hit the Main Event prizes.