Dota and poker: As famous gamers compete with Hirolers

Poker and cybersport have always been closely linked. Many professional cyber -athletes play poker at the amateur level, and some of them have even preferred cards and green cloth forever.

Elijah "Alohadance" Korobkin – an eccentric player in Dota2 and popular Strmer – also belongs to the fans of poker. Together with the Ukrainian team Flytomoon, he won more than 300,000 bucks in different level tournaments, and his audience has long reached half a million followers.

His poker broadcasts are also worthy of attention, because Korobkin is constantly fighting the strongest players and brightly comments on every distribution. The Kharkiv resident can already boast of certain successes.

Recently Strmer received several tournament tickets and used them as intended. He launched a live broadcast and showed just stunning results by reaching the 5th place in the prestigious online. His prize made up more than $ 41,000!

On this adventures Alohadance at poker tables did not end. He decided to play with one of Dmitry’s most successful pokerists "yurasov1990" Yurasov and other online regulars.

Sitting at a table with limits of $ 50-100, Korobkin began to increase his bankrol fairly successfully. At a moment his stack was $ 51,000! Of course, Ilya could not fight the best world players for a long.