Espen Yorsstad – Newly made world champion with poker

Ended the most prestigious poker Main Event WSOP tournament. The last game day where three finalists met, came out short -lived. Sorstek Michael Duck flew almost immediately after the start of the game, and the hedz-up between Adrian Attenborov and Espen Yorsstad lasted only 20 distribution.

True, the first hedz-opa distribution was delayed for 20 minutes due to Attenborov’s Reflection. In the final distribution, the Australian also thought for a long time on the decision on the River, when, after all, he found a kol with a third couple. Espen Yorsstad showed him a Ful House.

The Norwegian poterist has forever entered his name in the history of poker and took an incredible prize of $ 10,000,000, as well as the Main Event WSOP champion bracelet.

First of all I called my mom. She cried in a phone and said almost nothing, it was very touching. I have long wanted to try myself in tournaments of $ 25,000, now I will have a bankroll for that. I will also engage in investment,
– said Espen Yorsstad.

The new Main Event Wsop Champion Espen Yarsstad came to poker in 2017 when he was 29 years old. Started with Cash-Igor, last year took 6th place in ME WSOP Online, and 3 weeks ago with Patrick Leonard won his first bracelet in the team tournament.

To this victory in the graph "Tournament prizes for a career" Norwegian had a modest $ 266,000. Now all new perspectives are opened for him.