The star of the “Spider Man” movie to you Magweyr earned a wealth on the poison

Houston Curtis wrote a book "Hollywood robbery for a billion". In it he revealed the secrets and details of a loud scandal around the ski, Olympic champion Molly Bloom. Or more precisely the underground poker club that it organized. There were powerful businessmen and stars of the highest echelon. The story is so interesting that her motives were filmed "Molly’s game".

In his interview Curtis added pepper. In particular, he said that at first rich poresters gathered for games in the star of the star actor to you Magweira. According to Houston, during the years of such tournaments you earned almost as much as for the main role in the trilogy "Spiderman". And it’s more than thirty million dollars. Sounds realistic, because it is known that the actor plays very well in poker.

Spiderman. Photo: Moviehole

Interestingly, from Magweira’s house to The Viper Room, the elite poker club moved because. The owner constantly disliked something. It set high requirements for maintaining cleanliness in the home. Also an actor who is a vegetarian did not like meat in the house.

Poker Club of Stars. Photo: gm

It should be noted that among the members of the poker club were Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Ben Aflec.