Trump cards with steep prizes daily: Cash Drop Action again on PokerMatch

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Ukrainian Rum PokerMatch returned its action with the loss of Cash Drop that has fallen in love with all players. Updated Mystery Cash Drop guarantees even more gifts at any time of the game.

By June 13 inclusive, all PokerMatch players have the opportunity to replenish their bankrolroll simply by playing the cache of Holdes or Omaha on limits from 0.25/0.5 hryvnias and above. During the day of the cache, 5 cache rails are waiting at once that can fall out at any moment.

To claim the prize, you need to fulfill simple conditions:

  • to have an active game session at the table (not to be in Sitauta);
  • Play 20 or more rail handling during the current game session.

500 trump cards with different cash prizes will be played every day (each of the cache rails will fall out 20% of the total number of cards). The higher the limit on which you play at the time of cache loss, the larger prize you can get.

All prizes will be paid in the form of real money and will not require playing. More information on PokerMatch website.