Painter and Gulvis “drown” his own marijuan empire

Dan Bilzerian, because of his passion for luxurious life, put in a difficult position his own company Ignite International. A company that is engaged in growing and selling marijuana and related goods found itself on the verge of bankruptcy.

Self -proclaimed King Instagram and, according to their own words, successful poterist continues "litter" money. Dana Bilzeriana Ignite International spent $ 43 million in 2019, mainly on the whims of its founder.

Dan Bilzerians on marijuana plantation. Photo: Twitter

A tidy sum went to dubious promotions. In the understanding of Bilzerian is parties and photo shoots with a crowd. Did not save Gulvis on numerous flights, luxurious hotels and related costs, also allegedly in the interests of the company. Well, where without a solid salary, which the bilzerian paid from the Ignite piggy bank.

As a result, Ignite International shares have fallen in price by 70% and today cost only about 70 cents apiece. With this rate marijuano business Dan Bilzeriana is doomed to a fiasco. And this, in the light of recent events, can drive an American into a real life tile.

Dan Bilzerian’s party. Photo: Twitter

Known Publishing House Simon & Schuster recently terminated an agreement with a bilzerian to publish his memoirs. The author did not invest in time because he had more important things that became a famous party and a favorite of women.