“Poker baby” who sees rivals through: video

Canadian Daniel Negrean, if drawn parallels with football, can be called a kind of pole pele. He has been playing the highest level for almost a quarter of a century, he is a member "Halls of glory of poker". In the collection of Negrean 6 bracelets of the World Series, and the sum of the total prize in live tournaments reached $ 42 million. Let’s try to figure out what they are so afraid of and respected "poker baby" His opponents.

In addition to incredible experience and skill, Daniel Negrean has an extraordinary talent "read" rivals. There is an impression in some places that he literally scans players’ cards and makes incredible decisions.

At WSOP Main Event 2007, one of the Negrean handout applied his spells to Ryan McClina, having read the opponent’s hand just on the flop. "He has aces", Daniel announced boldly. And managed to get Rivera with minimal losses while stunned McLine was rubbed.

Such a trick of Negrean used repeatedly and often, even with a weaker combination, forced opponents to surrender with monster-pushes. Sufficiently puzzles an opponent with a capacity. See how skillfully a Canadian curls the kings of Angela Shlomi, having only 10-9 in "pockets". Another incredible genus and opponent capitulates with a stronger combination.

And it’s all just flowers. The non -Ranean psychic is capable of calling the cards he needed on the board. In 2005 at the Championship with Hedz-APEra Power Magic Canadian was appreciated. Their duel ended with an incredible wound when the score ruled not a dealer but Negrean himself. Ordered Thorn and Riveer and gathered a second -in -poker combination.

Possessing the skills of poker superhero, Negrean is able to get out of the honor even from the most difficult situations. Nikita Bodyakovsky did everything to pick a Canadian as a sticky, having completed the Natsov Ful Hous. But Negrean once again proved that plays in the highest league.

Well and where without old or good bluffs performed by one of the best players in history. Negrean literally killed American Hexton by putting three streets with "by air".

In turn, dessert. Daniel Negrean – a guy cheerful and in love shares positives with a whole table. And how the Canadian mocks over a friend Phil Helmut, even entertainment.